And just where is it beauty hides, and truth amid dishonesty? One never knows. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So this is the pen (the enclosure) for my most recent poems and poemoids. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2009-04-20 -- Brian A. J. Salchert

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Life Litany

version 1 Born in the cold at the foot of a lake in a city of doubt as a boy. At war with my genes and my brain and my heart, betrothed to the wind as a boy. And so I declaimed from the kitchen tabletop, debating my dad as a boy. And slowly I grew enfolded in loves I could not understand as a boy. The piano was large and my fingers too short with measles my out as a boy. My dad I am sure hoped/ I would replace the son they had lost as a boy. But it wasn't to be for all I did learn, enthralled by my dreams as a boy. Yet in scouting I climbed, though not as in trees, to a safe second class as a boy. My lungs were too weak to allow me to swim a mere fifty yards as a boy. Toward the arts and the crafts and the skies and the stars it was I was pulled as a boy. So I dabbled with oils and the soundings of words, and birds, beasts, rocks, plants as a boy. Around year twelve I came to a truth unprepared, a shock of adieu as a boy. Though I changed, I did not with the pleasure I hid: in confusion remained as a boy. Years earlier, away on my trike, I chose risk: broke nose; skewed collar bone as a boy. And still to this day, though I'm now sixty-eight, I work, rest, pray, play as a boy. 2009/06/08 tg00036

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William Michaelian said...

Other versions notwithstanding, this is a wonderful litany/poem.


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