And just where is it beauty hides, and truth amid dishonesty? One never knows. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So this is the pen (the enclosure) for my most recent poems and poemoids. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2009-04-20 -- Brian A. J. Salchert

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just Wondering

or Why Wars Will Never End My bowels are acting weird today like they're getting rid of everything they don't want because they're moving. You can never tell about such things. Maybe they're waiting for me to order them to go to sleep, not that they would care. Isn't this information just what you've been waiting for? Waiting? My bowels aren't waiting for anything. I mean, garbage in / garbage out, you know. Say, what do you make of five carrots and one tangerine? Or a crust of bread and a can of 3.75 ounces of sardines? tg00037

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