And just where is it beauty hides, and truth amid dishonesty? One never knows. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So this is the pen (the enclosure) for my most recent poems and poemoids. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2009-04-20 -- Brian A. J. Salchert

Sunday, August 31, 2008

for a possible series

Gambryon 1 Rills of desert beyond care. Behind the eyes: vacant seas. Nothing. Nut-thing. No thing, thing. What thing? The camel// is dead. Neutrino chains. Nano spies. Who stood/ in the doorway? Oh. Old bloody rose. Cold cigar. That Dogon dog, Sirius. Why? That is the question. There it hangs/ like a pendulum in an unwound clock. Such years back/ no one remembers. Not even the Dogon? Myth? Blank. When shall we two tryst again? After time. Had I a brain/ it would kill me. Specter, Sir. Yes. Life sucks. Ask any tree. completed 2008-07-26 tg00008

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