And just where is it beauty hides, and truth amid dishonesty? One never knows. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So this is the pen (the enclosure) for my most recent poems and poemoids. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2009-04-20 -- Brian A. J. Salchert

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Intro It

Diverge diverge said the demiurge for I am a scourge you cannot destroy. Deploy enjoy said the alter-Troy for I am a buoy you cannot submerge. Perhaps, if we coax all the poetry schools of I and of anti-I to the seas and oceans of what and why, we can bring those bodies renewals of life amid the bells of our notions set adance by whooeys and phooeys, and bury our hoax. [ Note: the above is not against anyone, and is somewhat obscure on purpose. ] tg00029

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