And just where is it beauty hides, and truth amid dishonesty? One never knows. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So this is the pen (the enclosure) for my most recent poems and poemoids. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2009-04-20 -- Brian A. J. Salchert

Sunday, March 8, 2009

He Who

[ an instrumental melody ] he who he-who he-who he who he-who he-who he who he-who he-who who [ words to be spoken ] And Jesus said: Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. [ repeat instrumental melody ] [ words to be spoken ] But humans are not perfect beings, and those who have the ability to reason must deal with conflicts: inner outer, for none is without sin. [ repeat instrumental melody ] tg00025


Prole Stanway said...

Hey I like your poetry. It slices away a good deal of the bullshit hermeticism we see in a lot of the more insecure poetry (including my own).

I reckon a lot of your poems would make for jolly sing-alongs. I recommend that you buy a ukulele for this very purpose, for they are wonderful things.

baj salchert said...

Thank you, Prole, but plenty of bullshit hermeticism can be found in my writings too.

Among my song lyrics in Sprintedon Migrasaurus are quite a few that are meant to be simple goofy sing-alongs, but I don't know how to show them musically.

Like your ukulele recommendation, but don't think I could play one--or any instrument for that matter--well enough.

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